Regardless if your going to a party or hosting, having a charcuterie board is always a fan fav. It’s always one of the biggest hits and literally takes less than 5 minutes. One thing I love about charcuterie board is that you really can’t mess it up (just have fun with it and add your own twist). 

What you will need: 

Some type of crackers 

Two or three of your favorite cheeses 

Two types of meats ( I did peppered salami and prosciutto)

Nuts ( I used marcona almonds) 

Red grapes 

First you will need to gather all of your supplies and have a good board to place it one (this is the one I used)




Next: Place your cheeses on the board. You don’t want them next to each other. 



Third: you will want to place your different meats. You can totally get creative with this. You just want to place them on the opposite sides of your cheeses. 



Fourth: wash and place your grapes. You will lay them between the meat and cheese. 



Fifth: you will pour in the nuts. There is no method to this… just simply pour where there is space. 



Sixth: Place cubed cheeses were you might see blank spaces. 


Lastly: Place the crackers around and fill in any empty spaces. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! As always,




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