Good morning and happy Friday ladies. This wallet was the number one most sold item this month, lets just say y’all loved it!! So let’s be real for a second, it would be amazing if we could all afford to buy all the designer items every month… but money trees aren’t a thing yet. So restoring to Amazon inspired items will have to do for me. Cause, I defiantly have a champagne taste on a beet budget. So today, I thought it would be fun to share some more designer inspired items on Amazon. Most of these items, I have and love. However some are on the wish list!!! Hope you enjoy.


#1 Cartier Inspired Bracelet 

#2 Valentino Inspired Heels

#3 Nordstrom Ear Crawlers 

#4 Goyard Inspired Wallet

#5 Gucci Inspired Mules

#6 Celine Inspired Glasses 

#7 Cartier Inspired Ring 

#8 LV Inspired Wallet ( HERE & HERE)

#9 LV inspired Bucket Handbag

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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