Good morning and happy Friday babes! I always love when other bloggers do this- so I thought it would be fun today to show y’all what’s in my Louis Vuitton Neverfull and how I arranged it with this Ztujo organizer. Just know that this is not staged in any way, AKA don’t judge me on what I have in my purse, lol. I am simply showing you what’s in my purse and how this organizer is a game changer! 

Like any girl, I keep a variety of different beauty and self care products in my handbag. First, I always keep several different lipsticks and lip glosses- this Tea Rose & this Cream Cup is my favorite lipstick and- this Creme Brûlée is my favorite lip gloss, chapstick currently loving- this one, hand lotion I have- this one right now, perfume got- this one at Anthropologie when I was in chico and love it, anti-bacterial hand gel, extra hair ties- this one, female products, Poo-Pourri-this one, pepto-Bismol, eye drops, and Advil. Let’s just say I like to be prepared for any situation. 

Secondly, I always keep a notepad- really cute option, the one in my picture is old Ashley Brooks Design, pen- love these, and I have recently added- this Limitless Mindset budget book. My mind is always running with ideas, so I like to have a place to jot down ideas or for list. Also, this budget book has been a great place to track my spending and bills. If you’re in the market I would definitely check this one out. 

Lastly, miscellaneous items laying on the bottom of my bag. My wallet similar option, dog poo bag- #dogmom-I use these, a bar of soap to wash my face post gym- I use this oneClinique post-workout Face + Body cleansing swipes Here, Airpods, my keys- my fav key change wallet, gum and of corse my- fav glasses.  

I absolutely love my Neverfull, it’s a timeless handbag that honestly will never go out of style. However, as the name states- its neverfull. So I recently got this organizer to help me stay organized and it has been a lifesaver. I got this one off amazon. However, the company also has tons of other organizers for all types of handbags, just search ZTUJO on Amazon. Also, if you don’t have an Amazon account you can also shop on and use code “Ma20190931Lan” for 10% off. 


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