Be Stronger than Your Strongest Excuse!!!! 

Good morning girlfriends! Living a healthy lifestyle and also trying to live your best life (aka eat all the good things) can sometimes be very difficult. I try to live a “healthy-ish” lifestyle. Let’s be honest, we all know I love some wine and a good cheeseburger, but I completely believe it is all about finding balance. Today I am going to share 6 things I do to keep a “healthy-ish” life style.

** Disclaimer** this is just what works for ME. I am NOT a licensed nutritionist.



  1. I try to practice the 80/20% rule (especially Monday-Thursday) . Eating 80% good and 20% not so good.. it really is about balance and making a lifestyle change. I learned very quickly you can’t live your life on a “diet”.  I have tried many diets that would work and then two months later I would gain the weight back. When people say it’s a lifestyle they aren’t kidding.
  2.  Drink a gallon of water a day (or at least as much as possible).
  3. Workout at least 3 to 4 days a week. I have been doing this for about 2 years now and can see a huge change in my overall body. It has helped my sleep, mood, overall stress level, and digestive system. To me working out isn’t just to lose weight. Working out has so many other benefits that the human eye can’t see. My biggest recommendation to people who don’t really “like” to workout is to try different workouts. Don’t just go to a gym and hit the elliptical for 30 mins, talk about boring! Who wouldn’t hate that? Instead, try a cycling class, yoga, Orange Theory (MY FAV), cross fit, at home workout apps, etc. until you find something you truly enjoy. Someone told me to do this years ago and it changed my relationship with working out. I always tell people working out is my hobby lol.
  4. Always have healthy options for on the go (this one is HUGE cause 80% of living a “healthy” lifestyle is what you eat).  It so easy just to run by a drive thru and grab something to eat that isn’t healthy when your on the go! Trust me, I am so guilty of this.  One thing I have been doing lately to avoid this is keeping an empty mixer bottle and protein packet in my purse. My favorite lately has been 310 Nutrition, I am obsessed with the chocolate favor!!! Plus, you can use code 310KAILEYST to get free shipping.
  5. Get 8 to 9 hours of sleep. Sleep is such an important aspect that a lot of people forget about.
  6. Plan out your meals for the week. I started doing this about a year ago and it has helped me so much. This refrains me from going out to eat and most likely choosing an unhealthy option.



These are just a few things I try to practice in my daily life. I hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful weekend!!!





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