As many of yall know, I love trying new products. To be honest, It’s rare that I am using the same product for a year, I am constantly trying new things. However, the following products I have bought, loved, and continued to use for most of 2018 or for years! The following products I own and use everyday. Hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to continue to see what products I fall in love with in 2019.


  1. Best Setting Powder– I have used Laura Mercier setting powder for 3 years now. This continues to be one of my absolute favorite beauty products from 2018. This powder give you that air brush glow and leaves you feeling fabulous. Just know, once you buy this powder there is no going back- you will fall in love just as I did.
  2. Best Foundation– I have used NARS foundation for years now, however, I just made the switch to this foundation this year and feel in love. This foundation has amazing coverage, leaves you looking airbrushed, and will stay on all day (if set right).
  3. Best Self Tanner- I have used cheaper self tanners,however, just never loved the color it left me or the shade. This self tanner is awesome and gives you that summer glow, all year round.
  4. Best Deodorant– Donna Karan Cashmere Mist, this deodorant is expensive don’t get me wrong but it last me up to 6 months. It smells AMAZING and leaves you feeling so clean. When I first bought it I would wear it everyday because I was obsessed, however, I have started wearing it only a few times a week, switching in between this one.  
  5. Best Leave in ConditionerIt’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Plus Keratin is that one product I CANNOT live without!! Right when I get out of the shower I spray this in my hair and let it sit for a minute,  then brush out. It leaves my hair feeling smooth and hydrated. Since I add bleach to my hair this is a must to keepin it healthy.
  6. Best Curling Wand– T3,I got this curling wand in January of 2018 and have used it non stop since. This curling wand gives you that perfect curl within 30 seconds. Not lying- I highly recommend if your in the market for a new curling tool.
  7. Best Hair Brush– I have used a Wet Brush for a few years now and absolutely love it! However, me being me, I have also tried a few others and always go back to old faithful- my wet brush lol.
  8. Best Texture Spray– Triple Sec, I just started using this texture spray a few months ago and have fell in love!!! This stuff is amazing.
  9. Best Body Wash–  I started using this Neutrogena body wash about a year ago and haven’t turned back. Which is a big deal because I am totally that girl who wants to try a new body wash all the time.  I started getting small pimples on my back from working out and have continued using this body wash and have not had the problem since. Also, It smells amazing and leaves me feeling so clean.
  10. Best Toothbrush– DazzlePro by Vanity Planet, If yall can remember I shared this toothbrush on IG stories right when I got it and most of you requested a review. I have been using it for a few months now and still love it. It leave my teeth feeling so clean and I love the fact that it gets cleaned every day after using it.
  11. Best hair ties– I started using Invisibobbles, this year and haven’t turned back. They give my ponytail that bouncy look and also dont break my hair! Everyone needs to try.


I have linked all the products. If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email or message on IG. I would love to chat about any of the products. As always,

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