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December is always full of fun family traditions which makes the month so very special each year. One tradition that I always look forward to is going to our grandmother’s house for a Christmas Eve celebration with my mom’s entire side of the family. This gathering always includes lots of love, laughter, fun, and of course holiday cheer. Alexa, Amy and myself (#thethreeglasses) come from a very large family which alway entails LOTS of fun, so I always look forward to this event.


For years, as long as I can remember, we played the game “White Elephant” on Christmas Eve. If you have never played as a family, I highly suggest you do because it is definitely a good time! Click this link to learn about the rules of the game (https://www.whiteelephantrules.com/). This will be the only gift I am buying this year… it’s tradition. Growing up, Amy (sunshinebutblushwine.com) of course would bring the most fashionable chic gifts for the game and Alexa and I would literally fight over them. She was the cool cousin, well all my cousins are cool but she was “fashionable cool” and my whole family can testify to that. I am so excited to see what she brings this year!!

Alexa, Amy and I (#thethreeglasses) thought it would be fun to share the recipe we will be bringing to our Christmas Eve celebration with yall. I am bringing my absolute favorite dessert ever that Colton’s mom shared with me a few years back! I make this for almost every holiday! I change it up a bit to fit the season and I never take a bite home from an event.



Redneck Shortcake Christmas Addition


1 large container of cool whip

1 Box of instant vanilla pudding

1 can of sweetened condensed milk

1 container of Strawberries

1-2 jars of raspberry jam

1 box of vanilla cake mix

1. Bake the vanilla cake by using the directions on the box.

2. Cut up the strawberries and mix in raspberry jam.

3. Crumble the cake up

4. In a large bowl mix the cool whip, sweetened condensed milk, and pudding powder all together.

5. Then in a large bowl, layer the cake, berry mix, and cool whip mixture and continue this process and top with cool whip mexter.


Visit alexabaskinblog.com & sunshinebutblushwine.com for a delicious Christmas main course and appetizer. I hope y’all have a wonderful week!


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