So, if you’re anything like me, you love to buy special unique gifts for your loved ones but just simply do not have the time to pick it out. Between school, work, working out, family, and friends, I just basically don’t have the time to always search for a thoughtful gift. So when The Gift of a Box reached out to me I was so excited because of literally how perfect they put together the cutest little boxes and send them directly by mail. This eliminates all the stress of finding that picture-perfect gift. Like how crazy perfect is this for this busy lady!!!


Also, these boxes are perfect for the upcoming holiday season. This would be such a cute gift for a family member who lives out of state or maybe even a girlfriend you just solely just don’t have the time to meet up with (crazy holiday schedules).  As the Gift of a Box would say, “Be the gift giver that gives the most fabulous gifts. Even if they are gifts for yourself, we won’t tell.”


Anyways, they are not paying me to say this… I just love the idea and gift boxes so I thought I would share this cool company with y’all. I have linked some of my favorite boxes below!!!!  Happy Monday babes!


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