This travel guide has been a long time coming! I have been traveling to Fredericksburg with my family for many years and have always adored this part of Texas. Something about the hill country makes me so happy, maybe it has something to do with the beautiful rolling hills, wonderful wine and even better people. This little town has so much charm and even more to offer. I could go on for hours how much I love this little town, however, I am going to keep this post short and sweet. 



Transportation from winery to winery is a must. Trust me the wine catches up with you quickly and you will want to have a safe ride. We have always used 290 Wine Shuttles https://290wineshuttle.com. It cost $29.99 per person and it’s a shuttle service that runs to a handful of wineries in Fredericksburg. The shuttles have stop every 10 minutes at the wineries. If you check out their website it gives more details and the wineries they have stops at. However I must note that as Fredericksburg has grown there is now more options for transportation. There is now lots of different companies providing private shuttles and different service. I have not tried them yet. We have always been happy with 290 Wine Shuttles.  



Always bring snacks. The wineries will let you bring food in. We always pack a small cooler with water, cheese, fruit and crackers. This will help with all the wine you will be drinking.  



Favorite Restaurants:

Breakfast/ Brunch

  1. Sunset Grill- https://www.sunsetgrillfbgtx.com
  2. The Herb Garden-http://www.fredericksburgherbfarm.com/restaurant.htm


  1. Hondo’s on Main- http://www.hondosonmain.com (Live music, beers, and Burgers). This restaurant will give a glimpse into the small country town. 
  2. Silver Creek- http://www.silvercreekfbg.com
  3. Navajo Grill- http://www.navajogrill.com

There is a lot of great places to eat in the area these are just a few of my favorites.


As Fredericksburg has grown so has there wineries. You would be surprised how many wineries are located in the Fredericksburg area. Just out Texas Wine Trail for a list of a few.  https://texaswinetrail.com/wineries/ 

There is no possible way to visit all the wineries in just a weekend trip. Normally you can fit about four wineries in one day. (Trust me the wine will hit you after the first, if you know what I mean).  Below I will share my top two favorite wineries on the 290 Wine shuttle route and also winerys that are not listed on their route. 

On 290 Wine Shuttles Route 

My Top Two (Best quality Wine) 

  1. Barons Creek- this is one of my favorite wineries in Fredericksburg. The wine is wonderful and the property is beautiful.  (Last time I used 290 Shuttles this was one of the last stops on the shuttle, but you definitely don’t want to end your day here. I would ask your bus driver to drop you off here first- if possible).   Website: http://www.baronscreekvineyards.com
  2. Becker Vineyards- this is another beautify winery with great wines. We often find ourselves spending a lot of time here. They also have a lavender farm and sell their lavender products.  Website: https://www.beckervineyards.com. I would suggest doing a wine tasting and then grab your favorite bottle and then enjoy there nice outdoor sitting area.
  3.  Just looking for a good time (I call this the Joe’s Crab Shack of Winerys). Fat Ass Winery- The name says it all. https://fatasswine.com. It has a fun atmosphere, live music and all around good vibes. Just in my opinion not the best wine.  

Not on 290 Shuttles (if you have a driver or book a bus) I would recommend stopping at the below winerys. 

Favorite Wineries off the 290 Trial 

  1. William Chris- https://www.williamchriswines.com. Reservation is required. 
  2. Narrow Path Winery- https://www.narrowpathwinery.com
  3. Ab Astris Winery – https://www.abastriswinery.com
  4. Signor Vineyards- https://www.signorvineyards.com
  5. Kuhlman Cellars- http://www.kuhlmancellars.com


Places to Stay:

Normally, we rent an airbnb and I would highly recommend it. We have never had a bad experience and you can find many very close to the main square. This personally is the easiest option. 


However, I do have to say Fredericksburg is growing and each time I go they have something new to offer.



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